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                                                   Luang Namtha Province                                  
Located: Nothern province bordering on China and Myamar.
Total area: 9,325 square kilometers.
Population: 140,000.
5 Districts: Namtha, Sing, Long, Viengphoukha and Nalae.
Capital: Namtha. Luang Namtha province is located in the upper Northwest of Laos, bordered by Myanmar in the Northwest, China to the North, Oudomxay province to the Southeast, and Bokeo province to the Southwest. 39 ethnic groups make up the population of 140,000, in Luang Namtha. Each group having its own dialect, culture and lifestyle, but coexisting peacefully – a reflection of traditional solidarity

Trekking in the Nam Ha NBCA

Covering an area of 222.400 square-hectares and sharing an international border with the Xing young Protected Area in China , the Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area is one of the country’s largest protected areas and provides refuge for a wide range of wildlife species including tigers, sun bear, black-checked gibbon, and silver pheasant. Treks to the Nam Ha NBCA support natural resource conservation and traditional livelihoods.

River Journeys

A fantastic way to travel through the Nam Ha NBCA is by raft or long-tail boat down the Nam Ha River, where it is common to see many bird and reptile species in the surrounding forest. A longer journey on the larger Namtha, a traditional trading route and tributary of the Mekong , links Luang Namtha to both Houei Xai and Luang Prabang. Boat trips up and down the entire Namtha require an overnight stay in the traditional boatmen’s village of Ban Khone Kham (Nale District).

Ancient City & Caves

Explore the remains of the ancient city and temple, Khou Vieng and Vat Mahapot, and discover the little-known history of a civilization that formerly inhabited Vieng Phoukha District as early as the 15th century. Another must see in Vieng Phoukha is the labyrinth of caves fill with bats at Phou Prasat and the impressive tunnel-like formation of the Kao Rao cave near Nam Eng village.

Ethnic Group & Handicrafts

With over twenty ethnic groups, Luang Namtha is one of Laos most ethically diverse and colorful provinces. Visit Muang Sing to see a wide variety of crafts produced by Akha, Yao , Tai Dam and Hmong villagers. In Namtha District. Bicycle nearby Tai Dam and Lanten villages to see the production of silk, paper and other local crafts. For a rich cultural experience, trek to remote villages with a local guide. Tours can be arranged in Luang Namtha, Muong Sing and Vieng Phoukha.

Historic Heritage of Muang Sing

As a central point of trade and political administration that has changed hands over centuries, Muang Sing has many remaining historical sites including: That Xieng Teung stupa believed to contain a sacred relic of the Lord Buddha; remains of the ancient city walls and moat; residence of the former Muong Sing Prince, Panya Sekong; colonial French garrison; traditional Tai Lue houses; and the hospital of Dr. Tom Dooley, and American doctor who was stationed here in the 1960’s.                                                              แขวงหลวงน้ำทา

แขวงหลวงน้ำทา เป็นแขวงที่อยู่เหนือสุดของ สปป.ลาว เป็นดินแดนที่มีเขตทุ่งราบอย่างกว้างขวางและเป็นอู่ข้าวอู่น้ำของภาคเหนือ มีเนื้อที่ 9,325 ตร.กม. มีพลเมือง 122,000 คน มี 33 ชนเผ่าประกอบด้วย 5 เมือง คือ เมืองน้ำทา, เมืองสิง, เมืองลอง, เมืองเวียงพูคา และเมืองนาแล แขวงหลวงน้ำทามีชายแดนติดกับสาธารณรัฐประชาชนจีน, แขวงอุดมไชย และแขวงบ่อแก้ว