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Thalay Waek ( Separate sea )

One of most popular place to visit and one of the listed Unseen point at Krabi province, in Southern part of Thailand. The Thalay Waek or Separate sea !! This is the Natural Phenomenon that happen 5 days before or after full moon day. The 3 Island Koh Kai, Koh Tub and Koh Mor were joined together with sand dune in the sea because of

low tide in mentioned period.

We can rent long tailed boat from Ao Phra Nang. In addition,

  we can have surface diving trip before waiting to see the amazing phenomenon.

When the time comes up, we can walk on the dune take sea breeze and walk to the three joined Islands.

The clear blue sea invites everybody to swim and dive or take sun bath on the dune. In the Sunny day even the sun can burn us but the strong wind can cool down and make your impressive moment.

Let’s go for nature touch that will charge up your life !!