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Wat Srichum ( Speaking Buddha )

The one of famous temples in Sukhothai Historical Park. In Wat Sri Chum, there was the Main Image of Buddha named “ Achana “ . The tradition of Thai people , built the big image of Buddha in open space and Phra Achana was built in Marn Wichai Style which the style means Overcome all enemies. The building that surrounded the Buddha was built later which 32 meters width , 15 meters height and the thickness of walls were 3 meters built with bricks and stucco. The wall have small tunnel, on the left side leads to up stair behind the Buddha. In the tunnel there were carving slate rock. On right side the tales said that could lead to Sri Sachanalai town. Because of echo in the tunnels, anyone who speaks will resulted like Speaking Buddha which

mentioned in the lineage of King Narasuan the great.

“ Achana “ name of calmy image of Buddha , means “ unfrightener “

Former wooden roof were all damaged.


The gate of tunnel on the wall — additional space for knees of Buddha.